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CherryPak Warming Blankets

A Unique and Practical Gift for Baby, Mom, and You

Definitely versatile, amazingly practical, and most unique, our new warming blankets come in large and small to fit needs of every kind. From the stroller to the crib, from car seat to an independent warming pillow, these cherry-pit warming blankets find a multitude of uses.

We designed special warming blankets specifically with baby in mind. However, we are finding moms-to-be are finding comfort using the larger version as back warmers to help in the months leading up to the arrival of their newborns! These precious warming blankets make the perfect shower gifts.

Just in time for Christmas, but definitely practical and unique all year long, we are sure you will find our new Cherrypak warming blankets irresistible.

The large blanket, measuring 20 inches long and 11 inches wide, includes a 100% all natural, cotton pillow which is lightly, yet generously, filled with cherry pits. The cover for the pillow is lined with your choice of cotton or cotton flannel fabric. The smaller pillow is an exact replica which measures roughly 6x6. The smaller pillow is designed to carry along in the car seat or stroller. It is specifically weighted to aid in colic and can be placed directly on infants abdomen. They can be bought individually, or combined in a gift set.

The pillow is microwavable. Warmed to just the right temperature, it is a crib warmer or baby warmer. The blanket can be placed in the crib to warm it and then removed before placing the baby down. Baby is also perfectly comfortable and finds restful sleep directly placed on the blanket itself. The cover is completely washable and can be dried on low temperature. And even better? The cherrypak pillow itself is washable and can be dried in the dryer. We do recommend washing the pillow while placed inside another pillow case on a gentle cycle.

My personal interest in the warming blanket and its weight comes from my early work experience with developmentally delayed infants and children. Some of this work involved children with emotional disorders and autism. Many times weighted blankets were used to bring comfort. Weighted blankets and warmth help these children with reorganization skills, body awareness, motor skills, and helped teach self soothing techniques. I have had further personal experience with the weight and warmth of such blankets since learning to live with my own movement disorder.

As an added, and may I say, adorable bonus, you can now order matching or coordinating Neve and warming blanket sets (large and small) from the website. Give a unique, personal, and practical gift to yourself and your baby, or to someone you love.

Order your warming blanket or Neve and blanket set today.

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