Neve Bunny

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The heart of Cherrypak...

Neve Bunny

Cherrypak proudly announces the arrival of Neve Bunny, born May 26, 2015

Neve is quite a unique addition to the Cherrypak family, coming into this world with a belly filled with cherry pits. This special bunny is made for every boy and girl, and even an adult or two, still young at heart.

Hand-sewn and special made to order, Neve was created out of an understanding of the value of comfort, and developed from a deep appreciation for the need for safety and security. Neve is here to ease the discomforts of a tummy ache, scare away things that go bump in the night, visit the doctor, and warm the hurt. But by far - and the very best of all - Neve is here to snuggle close at night.

The inspiration for Neve comes from several places and people in my personal life. During the time of my then-husband’s third kidney transplant, I was forever touched by the families, but especially children, who were facing life-changing organ transplantation. From the children who waited for organs themselves (sometimes in the poorest of health) to the ones who waited and watched, exhausted, for their family members... these children have been a picture of courage for me. I must include my very own two boys in that group. I often wondered what kinds of things would soothe them. What would make them feel safe, comforted, and secure. Many of the hours during the creation of Neve were spent remembering some of those unforgettable faces.

And relationships. There are those special few we seem to have been destined to be in. Some relationships exist for a short time and for a certain purpose. Others last the rest of our lives. Neve is born to be like the people in our lives we can count on. The ones who are there when the lights go out, who know us in our most vulnerable places, who are there for us when we are sick, tired, lonely, or hurt. Neve is all about giving what words cannot say.

Of course Neve, being a bunny rabbit, is secretly related to the Velveteen rabbit. That’s right, that Velveteen rabbit. This special bunny wants to be hugged and petted by a boy or girl, and loved until realness seeps through every seam.

Neve is ready to be taken home or given to that special someone; ready to start that journey into the wonders and adventures of childhood!

Amy painstakingly crafts each Neve by hand from her home in Bainbridge, GA

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1 Comment(s)

June Faircloth:
01/08/2015, 08:47:23 AM

WOW AMY! I had no idea you were working on this project/ministry.. Needless to say I cried throughout the entire video..I want to order a bunny for Avery + one for me, to be made of Dylans clothing.. I also want your permission to share this to all my transplant OPO and resources..I will call over the weekend to discuss this..too emotional to talk about it just now..I love you so very much and know God will bless you for helping to soothe broken hearts

Amy Thorn:
01/08/2015, 09:23:09 AM

June, of course, on all the above. You know you are near and dear to my heart. You know all too well the path forward in our own healing leads us on a journey that gives us a burning desire see others find moments of comfort. God is always the center of those moments.

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