Home, Comfort, and Mallie

Posted by Amy Smith Thorn 23/04/2015 0 Comment(s) Conversations,

As we move forward with our vision for Cherrypak, it is evident that "home" is the recurring theme. I cannot seem to get away from the image of those distillery workers taking the leftover pits home from their hard day of labor and finding what so many of us either take for granted or deny ourselves. Comfort.

What you're reading now is my first blog entry. It isn't what I expected it would be. In deciding how to start, I thought maybe I should give a history of the cherry pit and its therapeutic properties. I thought about how I should be very professional. "It has to look good," "you have to sound impressive," "sell the product..." all those old tapes demanding perfection. And all I had was big old writer's block.

What truly inspired todays blog? Mallie R.

Who is Mallie? Mallie is the young tennis player I took a Cherrypak to last night, so she could use it in her tennis match today as an athletic cooling agent. I was describing to Mallie how she would want to freeze it overnight in a plastic bag, keep it in her cooler, take it out between sets and put it around her neck to cool down. "Now Mallie, it won't freeze like ice, it freezes like a bag of peas..." I, of course, have my very instructional voice on wanting to make sure Mallie is taking all of this in so that she gets the benefit of this bag of cherry pits, and so she can give me reliable feedback on the product...

About that moment she turned the bag end to end, held it against her cheek, her face softened and she smiled the most delicate smile. "Ah, (with the softest voice she sighs) it sounds like rain."

Professionalism right out the door. My heart melted. That's it, Mallie. That is what the Cherrypaks are. The cherry pits are nature. They do their own job. They don't need me to tell you what to do with them. They are not a list of instructions for specific uses, they are a concept come to life. They are whatever we need. They are what we hear, what we feel, and what we see that soothes us from what ails us.

Dramatic? Maybe. But have you ever gone from misery to relief in a matter of moments? Have you ever eased off into sleep after wrestling for hours with insomnia? Eased a migraine? Calmed a colicky baby? Quieted a frantic child? Have you really stopped and listened to the sound of rain like Mallie did? It's in a Cherrypak. I've felt it and seen it in others.


Coming soon, we will introduce you to Still Waters Home for Women. This is a home for women and their children who have been displaced and definitely deserve and need relief and comfort. We hope to bring a dramatic effect into their lives by donating a bit of warmth and security through comfort. We will tell you about your opportunity to participate in donating Cherrypaks through your purchases. Every purchase will go toward a donation to the women and children in the home.

Whether they soothe an aching back, a broken spirit, a restless displaced child, or bring a sound that will ease a burdened mind, we want Cherrypaks to make a difference. Help us make this happen!

Until next time...

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