Warming Blankets

Warming Blankets

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Warming Blankets - Our Unique and Practical new Products for Baby, Mom, and You.

We designed these unique, special warming blankets specifically with mom and baby in mind, but moms-to-be are also finding comfort using them as back warmers, to help in the months leading up to the arrival of their newborns. These precious warming blankets make the perfect shower gifts.

Blankets can be ordered individually or as a set.

The blankets are actually 100% all-natural cotton pillows, which are lightly yet generously filled with clean, heat-retaining cherry pits. Covering the pillow is a lined cotton or flannel cover, each handmade with your choice of fabrics.

Warmed in the microwave to use as a crib warmer, or baby warmer. The blanket can be placed in the crib to warm it and then removed before placing the baby down, or, the baby is perfectly comfortable and finds restful sleep directly placed on the blanket itself. The cover and blankets/pillows are completely washable and can be dried on low temperature.

Inspiration for this product came from Amy's own early work experience with developmentally delayed infants and children, especially children with emotional disorders and autism. Many times weighted blankets were used to bring comfort. Weighted blankets and warmth help these children with reorganization skills, body awareness, motor skills, and helped teach self soothing techniques. She has since had personal experience with the weight and warmth of these blankets, in learning to live with her own movement disorder.

As with all our products, Cherrypak warming blankets are made by hand in Bainbridge, GA.

GeneralUse hot, cold or as-is for as long as is comfortable, depending on the application.
Heat TherapyType and size of the cherry stone influence its heat capacity. Microwave for 1-2 minutes, turning halfway, and test pack temperature. Heat for additional 5 seconds as needed until desired temperature is reached. To reheat: once cooled, sprinkle with water periodically to prevent the cherry stones from drying out completely.
CleaningPack in a pillowcase to wash on gentle/handwash setting. Hang up to dry or dry on gentle, low heat (still in pillowcase). Keep in a cool dry place.
CautionsCheck that the pack is not too hot for your skin. Replace any accidentally damaged products, as loose cherry stones can be hazardous to children. Do not ingest any part of these products. If pregnant use necessary caution. Should any discomfort persist, seek medical advice. ALWAYS TEST temperature before use.
Product Specifications
DimensionsSmall: 7.5x7.5" & Large: 20x11"
Fill100% natural, cleaned cherry pits
Weight0.5 lbs & 2.5lbs

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