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Take it Home...

I'm Amy, in charge of production, and in charge of a little of this and a lot of that. Mostly I am here because of my story and what cherry pit packs have come to mean to me.

Guaranteed they are a lot of things. Each bag is hand crafted with anywhere from a cup to 2.5lbs of dried cherry pits, offering unique thermal properties. They can be frozen for a cool effect or warmed, staying warm for up to 2 hours. Their uses are unlimited, excellent at providing relief from sore or aching muscles, relieving tension, easing cramps, providing warmth in cold circumstances, easing migraine headaches, comforting children, acting as an on the go ice pack for sports injuries, or warming muscles before sporting events.

There will be a lot of information here about the wonderful advantages of the cherry pack, its thermodynamics and longevity. However, I have a bit of a different story to tell.

I think those distillery workers in Switzerland, the ones who hung the cherry pits over the stoves to let them dry and then carried them home every night to use to ease their sore muscles? I think they knew the real secret. They packed up those cherry pits and took them with them at the end of the day. They knew there is a time to slow down and bring it all home. No matter the exact circumstance, there is a time and a place for it all to slow down. Comfort is something we all need whether we are male or female, young or old, child or adult. And those hard working, worn, relentless men took it home every day. They were teaching us it is something no home should be without.

In my own life I was first introduced to cherry packs when I was diagnosed with generalized dystonia at 33 years old. Dystonia is a painful neuromuscular disorder which involves involuntary twisting and spasming of the muscles. After very painful physical and occupational therapy, I was given cherry packs to comfort and ease the distress my muscles were in. They were absolutely amazing at doing their job and relieving the physical pain.

However, I discovered more. The cherry packs brought me comfort. They brought warmth and a sense of security in times when I was worn and beaten down, much like I believe those distillery workers must have been at the end of their day. They taught me me there is a time to bring it all home. It was time to rest and to let my body heal. The packs eased my restlessness and eased my tension both physically and emotionally. Cherry pit packs brought with them a sense of safety and a bit of hope as I would feel the tension slowly escape from my body.

The big secret? I don't sleep without mine! Yep. I warm it up and snuggle up with it every night. It is the greatest for insomnia (and restless legs syndrome). Shhh. Don't tell. I feel a bit like Linus.

I don't sell Cherrypaks, they sell themselves, and comfort is the outcome. Everyone needs to experience a bit of relief, a moment of calm, and we all need bit of rest when we are weary. We seem to search for those moments our whole lives. Maybe, just maybe, they are right here at home. 

Do it for yourself, give it away, donate to charity. Share a bit of comfort. Take it home.

Until next time,

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